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Quality comes first, Eutech water purifier

omaito water purifier: adhering to the "Seiko quality to create a healthy water standards," the brand vision, "Eutech" always adhere to the excellent quality, create healthy value for consumers. With the development of technology, omaito aims at health, emphasizes the brand concept of "Seiko Quality and Healthy Drinking Water", and provides high-quality water purification products and services to families.

corporate culture


Brand positioning: Seiko quality to create a healthy water standards

1、Is a safe, healthy drinking water solution;

2、Is a good quality water purification products;

3、Is a leading concept of life;

4、Is a pursuit of quality lifestyle taste;

Brand image: water purification engineer

1、Brand personality: wisdom, progress, rigorous, passionate;

2、Market positioning: the introduction of industry-leading technology products continue to provide consumers with excellent value for money products;

3、Industry Positioning: Household water purifier (water purifier) professional manufacturer

4、Spirit Positioning: concentrate on doing things integrity services;

Our Mission:

1、omaito company has the responsibility to inform the people of the dangers of daily water use and improve people's understanding of healthy drinking water, the original people to provide a sound solution to healthy drinking water, so that every family drink, use healthy water, Make every familyLife is more healthy, happy and harmonious due to the presence of omaito.

2、Since its founding, the company has been continuously pursuing progress, constantly pursuing its own growth and growth, and making meaningful contributions to the people and society. Since its inception, omaito has set itself the goal of becoming "one of China's finest professional manufacturers of household water purifiers (water purifiers)".

3、Starting from the purification of water, the source of life, omaito creates "Seiko Quality - Creating Healthy Water Standards" to provide families with high-quality water purification products and services. omaito water purifier, from purification technology, raw material quality, production technology and quality Quality assurance system and other strict requirements of their own full, make full use of high technology for healthy living services, relying on the "nano-film table" cutting-edge technology, pilot industry international new standards, Emeet is willing to use a pure heart, return to society, Provide high quality Of clean water products, pay attention to health, pay attention to environmental protection and make itself become a strong supporter and strong backing for building a harmonious society and achieving social sustainable development.

Core values


  • price

    omaito was born under a special background, so he cherished more peace and love peace, committed to building a harmonious living environment based on a peaceful social environment. Peace in the world will have the world

  • Sincerity

    Honesty is the basis of cooperation, the letter is the source of a win-win situation, integrity in the world will meet the world

  • innovate

    Innovation is the beginning of human civilization, and innovation is the process of the development of human civilization. Innovation in the world must be the world.

  • win-win
    Win-win situation

    A man can not make a fortune, a man can earn endless profits, the world win-win situation will win the world.

  • management idea


  • corporate vision

    Water home, care of the whole family,
    Everyone drinks healthy water!

  • Brand Positioning

    Global quality water purification master

  • Quality positioning

    Seiko excellence in Europe and the United States

  • Market strategy

    All-round, multi-angle, wide channel