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advanced equipment


Equipment automation, production refinement, team specialization is the goal of corporate management. The company set up under the Electrolux Membrane Institute of Technology, Eutech Marketing Institute, Ou Maite Design School,Special introduction of automation engineering equipment and experts and scholars, the implementation of industrial automation transformation project, and accomplished a lot in this field.With the "activated carbon micro-osmosis technology" invention, the company increased the raw materials in activated carbon research, monitoring the effectiveness of the introduction of advanced equipment, greatly enhance the effect of activated carbon filter.

  • Quality inspection management


    Companies to fully implement the IS09001 quality management system, iS014001 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, with an experienced team of quality management professionals.From the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and assembly to the whole machine, strict implementation of quality and hygiene practices to ensure product quality, safety, health.Built a standardized testing laboratory, scientific analysis of water quality indicators, product performance testing.Waterproof, explosion-proof, tightness test, pure water, waste water flow rate test, current and voltage stability test, as well as the whole machine, computer board running results tracking, always walk in the forefront of the industry.
  • Physical and chemical analysis

    Chemical analysis of residual chlorine, PH value, heavy metal content, colony and other indicators of water quality, and water quality and the contact reaction of different materials for scientific data analysis.

  • Instrument testing

    Have insulation resistance equipment. Pressure regulating equipment, paper packaging strength testing machines, blast drying equipment, hot wire tester and wire bending test equipment and a series of advanced machines.

  • Water hammer blasting

    The whole machine and parts explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-sealed water hammer blasting test,
    continuous simulation of water pressure test.

  • Type test

    Including the whole performance, performance testing of semi-finished products, water, waste water flow test, voltage and current stability of the test, and the whole circuit board long-running test, durability test, noise test.