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1000+Billion water purifier market

Seize opportunities and achievementsRegal dreams

  • Water purifier market demand

    Eighty percent of the world's diseases and more than one third of the deaths come directly from unclean drinking water. Water purification equipment demand continued to rise in this environment, growth, as of 2016 has exceeded 100 billion.

  • Water purifier domestic popularity only5%
    Great potential for development

    Consumers' awareness of drinking water safety has become increasingly prominent with the escalation of consumption. The water purifier industry and its technical quality have become increasingly mature. The sales volume has been growing rapidly year by year. Eutech invites you to share wealth.

  • Government support industries
    Easy to make big money

    "The 13th Five-Year Plan for National Science and Technology Innovation and the Plan for a Healthy China 2030 are on the way, and the healthy China officially upgraded to the" national strategy. " Become a new business blue ocean.

  • Water purifier to join, choose omaito

    omaito water purifier, is a subsidiary of the British Royal Omet Water Purification Industry Group, established in 1920, by the British Royal and the vast number of consumers love, under the omaito film Institute of Technology, Eutech Marketing Institute , Eutech Design School, has been in China for 20 years and has unique understanding and extensive experience in water purification products.

  • Small investment

    Store only 30 square meters to join, the first delivery of more than 60,000 can enjoy about 80% of the renovation subsidies, entrepreneurship is not a dream.

  • Zero risk

    Provide free return service, unsalable products can be replaced by hot products, do not want to be re-operated by the headquarters, zero risk assured earn.

  • Free delivery of omaito

    After the cooperation, the client will get the free omaito from Omet, follow the promotional activities, and provide the material design and gift as appropriate.

  • Big return

    Eutech has the full industrial chain resources, product competitiveness, profit margins, providing year-end sales rebate bonus, and partners to share results.

  • Zero franchise fee

    Omete to zero-fee model to join, both self-confidence, but also for entrepreneurs to provide more opportunities to enjoy the joy of success.

  • Free subsidies reimbursement

    Eutech is willing to cooperate with partners to develop new markets and full support, including advertising costs will be able to enjoy 60% to 100% full reimbursement.

  • Consultation details Application to join

    International technology research and developmentInjecting super competitive products

    Eutech focus on water purifiers R & D for decades, is committed to providing people with healthier drinking water, while in-depth user life scenarios, and constantly develop new technologies, Such as carbon micro-osmosis technology, full-effect purification technology, water-saving technology, TDS real-time monitoring, leakproof, automatic overhaul warning, filter life intelligent reminder and other advanced technology and human function,To provide users with excellent experience, continue to create value for the product and competitiveness.

    Integrated automatic production lineSeiko quality protection

    Standard workshop 36,000 square meters, with an annual output of 6 million units of household water purifiers, 28,000 private users throughout the custom water purification program has many well-known brands at home and abroad to establish OEM / ODM OEM partnership is the national water purification The industry's leading large and medium-sized manufacturing brand enterprises.


    Marketing advertising Help dealers hot profit

    Eutech enhance the overall brand visibility and influence, and through excellent product quality,Intimate professional service experience impress customers, form a good reputation,Strengthen brand competitiveness, promote partner products hot, achieve win-win situation.

    8 joined the support, Make money easier

  • Store shop support

    Assist in shop location selection, specialized knowledge and skills training, assistance in the development of channel outlets, opening and other marketing activities, planning and implementation plan, providing unified store design, construction, decoration drawings and decoration subsidies.

  • Advertising support

    Omelette focuses on creating brand influence. In addition to the brand's own 360 ° advertising and marketing efforts, it also supports the advertising of partners and subsidies for advertising costs to achieve mutual win-win.

  • Professional team support

    To provide agents with elite team to guide practical operation, such as: market research; to assist in the development of the regional market operation plan; to help establish a management / training system; on the sales force combat training; installation personnel training and other necessary assistance.

  • Promotional support

    According to the requirements, we can assist the agents to complete the pre-sale promotion plan and inkjet design work; dispatched commissioners to help the agents organize the implementation as appropriate; the company depends on the scale of the activities and provides certain promotional material support.

  • China Merchants Conference support

    To send commissioners to assist the organization of the implementation of the work will be able to provide investment speeches, meeting processes and other documents; can be used to provide some merchants need to promote promotional materials, such as product catalogs, X-frame, hanging flags and so on.

  • Project support

    Agents can be assisted to develop technical solutions for projects; agents can be sent to assist the business negotiations; product price discount support.

  • Stores stationed in support

    Through the review to give 80% of the mall renovation costs reimbursement, reimbursement of mall decoration reimbursement process in accordance with the store reimbursement process.

  • Other service support

    For example, the exhibition support, can provide the design of the standard booth, can send a commissioner to assist the organization of the exhibition, to provide certain product promotional materials; service support, to provide after-sale quality assurance, technical service support.

  • Distribution agentsTraining Conference


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