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development history


  • 2014 years

    Eutech China Industrial Park is completed, designed to build the world's top brand of water to meet the strong consumer groups in China's consumer demand.

  • 2010 years

    In front of consumers with a new look, Omete is a combination of brand and fashion. It is a showcase of luxury and taste. With Omet as a symbol of fashion and an aristocratic business card。

  • 2005 years

    Emait China market production plant built to open a new era of China's water purification industry, imports of core materials and components, to the core material research and development production, promote the rapid development of China's water purification industry at the same time, Chinese consumers and celebrities to share Eutech high-end water purification products.

  • 1999 years

    Eutech entered the Chinese market began to rule the high-end market of China's water purification industry, becoming the preferred brand of elites and elites. Essential products for high-end buildings.

  • 1998 years

    Eutech appeared in Shenzhen, China, landing with the international top fashion brands in the Chinese market, an instant sought-after by celebrities, hot preference.

  • 1980 years

    Omet continue to inherit the essence of aristocrats, high-end, expensive, unique brand image has become the culmination of the industry.

  • 1970 years

    Omat became the president of the European Association of Water Purification Industry, presided over the drafting of the European international water purification industry standards, RO reverse osmosis materials and ultrafiltration materials began to provide for the member units. Eutech also become the core material supplier of water purification industry.

  • 1965 years

    RO materials are adopted by aerospace projects of all countries, and the only materials for purifying ultrapure water in the fields of medicine, electronics and semiconductors.

  • 1962 years

    With the development of the world's first RO water purifier, Omatt has become a new benchmark in the field of water purification. For over 40 years Otermet's unique technology monopolizes the RO water purifier field.

  • 1960 years

    Developed the world's first RO membrane material, Omatt filters the water to 0.0001 μm, sensationalizing the entire industry. It was once again enlisted by the British royal family as a water purification industry leader, a global purification master and a world-wide water purification model. Since then, Omet has become an insurmountable super king in the water purification industry.

  • 1950 years

    The successful development of Omet Ultrafiltration Water Purifier, a major breakthrough in the research of Omet Polymer, the precision filtration technology has become the development direction of water purification industry, and Omet has become the benchmark and focus brand of water purification industry. Leading the development of international water purification industry and technology...

  • 1937 years

    Omete became the main royal tribute of European countries such as Britain and France. The royal family made home-made water purification and drinking water products. For a time, Omet was popular in European aristocrats. It was honored by Britain as the national ceremony, the title of royal guardian, concept.

  • 1935 years

    Eutet water purifier products are beginning to be exported to many countries in Europe, which is favored. At that time, Omete products can enjoy the upper class society, celebrities and elites patents, royal family exclusively for the European aristocracy as a symbol of identity as Omet. At the same time, it has also become a diplomatic gift for all countries as well as a VIP gift.

  • 1933 years

    Eutech developed the first composite filter water purifier, the ceramic filter, activated carbon filter common filter water quality, pure taste. Therefore, the establishment of Emet Water Purification Research Institute started to devote most of its efforts to the research and development of water purification products, achieving better filtration effect and better taste.

  • 1830 years

    The British Royal Palace, as well as the Minister of Nobility, who recognized the health threat of water pollution, commissioned Emet to develop, manufacture and supply royal water products for health and water health. Since then, Omarit opened the history of the global water purification industry door, but also become a water purification industry. From the creation of the world's f...

  • 1920 years

    On the bank of the Thames in London, England, British Joseph. Omaiter began to research and manufacture of water purification products, developed the world's first ceramic water purifier, instantly sought after by the British in London. Affected by the slack industrial revolution, in 1823, Omet started using natural diatomite materials to manufacture water pipelines and filtration p...