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  • Seven days Baotuibaohuan
    Users only purchase the date, within 7 days, if the quality of the product for injury law problems affect the trial, the customer has the right to return the two affect the use of the customer the right to return or request a replacement.
  • Six year warranty
    If the product after the purchase of the use of quality problems (non-human damage, non-force majeure damage), within six years the company responsible for providing the corresponding accessories (power supply, booster pump, solenoid valve, high voltage switch, computer board), filter and other supplies not Within the warranty.
  • 48 hours positive response
    Party A is responsible for promptly accepting Party B's product complaints. After Party B receives the complaint phone from Party B, Party A shall assist Party B in a timely manner. If it can not be dealt with promptly, Party B should give Party B a clear solution within 48 hours.
  • Three days maintenance
    For the products repaired by Party B, Party A shall repair (with the new product standard) to Party B within three working days after receiving the goods. If the product is the existence of quality problems, Party A and from the freight, and replacement of new products.