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  • omaito-OMT-1000ST
  • omaito-OMT-1000ST
  • OMT-1000ST
    Remove scale, 6 points into the outlet

    Product Category: Water softener

    Product Size: 330 × 500 × 660mm

    Water flow: ≥ 1000L / H

    Washing mode: automatic washing

    Life: 15 years

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    Save electricity and water, natural and environmental protection, reduce heavy metal damage to the skin, delay skin aging, keep the skin smooth and delicate, soft and shiny hair. Away from stones, sclerosis and other illnesses. To provide you with clean, soft domestic water, but also for hotels, schools provide high-quality soft water.

    Soft water to make clothes naturally soft, maintain beautiful texture, make clothing more personal.

    Reduce the damage to the hair, keep the hair soft and shiny, not easy to dry and fork.

    Effectively reduce heavy metals on cell erosion, delay skin aging, to keep the skin smooth and delicate.

    Environmental protection    
    Long-term use of soft water can save a lot of detergent, disinfectant, washing powder, more energy saving.

    No scale residue troubles, no longer worry about cleaning all types of containers and water equipment, so that home cleaner.

    Long-term use of soft water, so that the body away from stones and other diseases hardening.


    Imported resin

    Safe and durable

    To scale

    Large water production

    Energy saving and environmental protection

  • Computer automatic
    control road valve

    A filter
  • Import ion

    Secondary filter
  • Water quality:

    Meetthe requirements of GB5749-2006indicators

    Use range:
    Supply of household water and enterprises and other water

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