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  • omaito-OMT-300G
  • OMT-300G

    Product Category: Business Machines

    Product Size: 540 × 365 × 985mm

    Water supply: 300G / day (for 100-200 people drinking water)

    Chassis color:blackblue

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    Product quality is stable, breaking the industry bottleneck, one-time solution to enterprises, schools and other safe water. Break the shortcomings of the traditional water purifier, stylish and elegant, safe and practical, is a high water consumption, ultra-low cost set.

    1、large flow, effectively solve the problem of water for many people

    2、efficient heat exchanger, power saving than ordinary water heater 90%

    3、food grade SUS304 stainless steel, nice

    4、all closed pipe, no secondary pollution

    5、multi-level purification filter, supplemented by high-temperature sterilization process to ensure that water safety and hygiene

    6、using the latest RO membrane technology, the entire computer automatic control system


    Large water production

    Safety and energy saving

    Food material

    High-precision filter

    Health and Safety

  • Precision 5 micron
    PP cotton

    A filter
  • UDF granular
    activated carbon

    Secondary filter
  • Bulk activated

    Three filter
  • RO  Reverse osmosis membrane

    Four filter
  • After loading silver
    activated carbon

    Five filter
  • Water quality:

    In line with"drinking water quality processor Health Safety and Function Evaluation Code - reverse osmosis treatment device" (2001) requirements

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