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The following three points, the water purifier franchisee play an important role

issuing time:2018-01-09   Editor: omaito   

An excellent water purifier franchisees, how to ensure that their orders can not be lost in the competitive water purifier market, he needs to do the following three points:

First, the effective use of water purifier manufacturers related training, learning water purifier to join the need to master the knowledge.

Water purifier manufacturers to give water purifier franchisee training is to enter the industry's most comprehensive knowledge training, but some water purifier franchisees do not attach importance to manufacturers to support training, I feel that knowledge learned in the manufacturers can not directly solve the customer The problem, can not bring direct economic benefits to themselves. However, the water purifier Franchisee think so wrong, water purifier manufacturers to learn is the basic knowledge, is from the overall situation for agents to consider, such as water purifier product knowledge, brand knowledge, store design And so on, are systematic and holistic, is the basis for water purifier to join. In other words, no foundation how high-rise buildings, water purifiers to join as well.

Second, you must master the installation and sale of water purifier skills

Any one of the sales are skillful, not only requires water purifier franchisees need to have a detailed understanding of their products, but also requires water purifier franchisee to consumers psychology, negotiation and speaking skills must have A professional understanding. If the water purifier franchisee own sales skills are well understood, one can do their own shopping guide or take the terminal themselves, two can also teach these skills to their employees.

As for the installation, the installation of water purifier directly affects the water purifier after-sales service is good or bad. Because the installation of water purifier is relatively complicated, it needs to take into account a series of problems such as the position where the water purifier is installed, the discharge direction of the water, the position of the water inlet and so on, all of which need a professional person to install or randomly install It is likely to cause endless trouble for the future use of water purifiers. And why agents need to know how to install their own water purifier, on the one hand not only reflect their professional knowledge, mainly to reflect their customer service and thoughtful, so that customers and their own brands have formed a good image, It is likely to bring their own secondary sales.

Third, we must make the order with the single

Some new entrants to the water purifier franchisees often encounter not familiar with customer order tracking, the loss of orders, such a thing is very regrettable. Therefore, water purifier agents need to track the order also have a grasp. At the same time can also recruit some follow-up personnel to conduct more professional services. Then what do you need to pay attention to what time it. First, we must pay attention to product price tracking, the second is to have a planned SMS or phone tracking and so on.

Excellent water purifier franchisee only do a good job above the order to reduce the loss rate to a minimum, at the same time, water purifier franchisees in the actual business should also continue to progress, so as to continuously improve their sales.