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Water purifier will replace bottled water, water purifier market prospects

issuing time:2018-01-09   Editor: omaito   

According to the current status of drinking water in our country, most people seem to prefer buying bottled water except for a few people who use water purifiers. Many people think that barreled water is convenient, low price, the cost of bottled water is the highest option, while the water purifier a few thousand dollars at a time, the use of later replacement filter, the need for long-term use of a Small expenses, so from the overall point of view, bottled water is more cost-effective than water purifiers.

However, although the price of bottled water is low, a bucket of 5-8 dollars, you considered its drawbacks? In fact, bottled water is made through the water purifier, once into the barrel, it becomes The dead water, if we can drink well in two or three days, if placed too many days it is difficult to ensure the quality of the water. CCTV has exposed a set of data on bottled water testing and found that bottled water will increase the number of bacteria with the length of time it has been placed. Drinking it will adversely affect people's health. Also, bottled water is cheaper each time it is purchased, but actually it costs a lot of money if it is used for a long time.

Look at the water purifier? From the purchase cost of water purifier point of view, one-time purchase does need thousands of dollars, especially multi-stage filter water purifier, but if calculated in the long run, in fact, water purifier Bottled water costs are not much difference, then more importantly, in terms of water safety, health, water purifier is more secure than bottled water, with the system with the drink, but also unlimited use, drink.

Therefore, some people ask: Will the water purifier replace bottled water in the future? According to the market research report of Emet Teflon water purifier, currently in the United States and Japan, the water purifier has basically replaced the bottled water, and every household has basic drinking water Purify the water out of the water purifier and our prevalence is still low, as people awareness of drinking water safety awareness of water purifier products to enhance awareness, I believe there will be more and more people realize the use of net Advantages of water heaters, water purifiers instead of bottled water or the future development trend of our country. Since entering the domestic market in 1998, Eutech has experienced the ups and downs all the way. Up till now, Omete has three production bases in China with a total area of 45,000 square meters and a large-scale research and development base of ultrafiltration membrane. It won the title of " Big brand "," top brand of environmental home appliances "," advanced enterprise with good quality and integrity in China ". In China, the production base is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong with a total area of 45,000 square meters. Emet Water Purifier has always been to" improve water quality and serve the world " As its mission, to home water purifier, air purifier-led, to human health and environmental protection as the prerequisite, with high-quality products and improve service to win the love of Chinese consumers. Eutet water purifier is now facing the national vacancy Join Recruitment Agents, Website: www.omaito.com 24-hour free service hotline: 0755-89346367