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  • omaito-OMT-1200DK(Silver)
  • omaito-OMT-1200DK(Silver)
  • omaito-OMT-1200DK(Silver)
  • OMT-1200DK(Silver)
    4 points into the outlet

    Product Category: Kitchen water purifier

    Product Size: 515 × 140 × 280mm

    Water flow: 1200L / H

    Life: 15 years

    Product color:Silver

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    Using the latest water purification technology in the UK, colleges and universities remove sediment, rust, bacteria, colloids and macromolecules in water to make small molecules and effectively solve the problem of kitchen washing and cooking.

    1、imported SUS304 food-grade stainless steel shell, environmental protection, safety, durability

    2、UPVC UF membrane, the latest British technology, longer service life

    3、 the filtering accuracy of up to 0.01 microns, colleges and universities to remove harmful substances in the water, while retaining the beneficial minerals and trace elements in water

    4、sterilization antibacterial technology, a comprehensive suppression of harmful substances in the water

    5、flushing port configuration ball valve, tool-free maintenance, use more peace of mind

    6、large water yield, 1200L / H, not only to meet your family's drinking water, but also to meet the needs of domestic water

    7、energy saving, no electricity, high water utilization, direct use of tap water for water

    8、kitchen drinking one machine, dual-use, more convenient for sub-quality water supply, lock design safer



    OTF composite technology

    Self-purification technology

    No electricity

    Large water production

    long life

  • UPVC
    UF membrane

    A filter
  • Sintered
    activated carbon

    Secondary filter
  • Water quality:

    In line with"drinking water quality processor Health Safety and Function Evaluation Code - reverse osmosis treatment device" (2001)requirements

    Use range:
    Home kitchen water purification

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